Scottish 80/- (80 Shilling)

Here is the recipe for the Best of Show beer from the Brewoff's 2006 competition.  It was brewed by yours truly.  I can't take credit for the recipe itself.  It is from Beer Captured by Tess and Mark Szamatulski.  The recipe is a clone of Back Country Scottish Ale from Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. in Helena, Montana.  I had never tried that beer, but I liked the recipe so made it.

Brewer: Jim Blanchette

Style: Scottish 80 Shilling

Batch Size: 5 gals.

Malt Bill:

9 lb. 2-row Pale Malt
13 oz Crystal 120
3 oz Roasted Barley
1 oz Peated Malt

Hop Schedule

.9 oz East Kent Goldings 5.5% AA (60 minutes or FWH)
.25 oz Willamette (15 minutes)
.25 oz East Kent Goldings (15 minutes)

Additional Ingredients



Wyeast 1056 (Wyeast 1332 is another suggestion)


Mash above in 13 quarts water for 90 minutes @ 154° (recipe calls for 152°, I overshot but left it alone).  Sparge with 4.75 gallons water (acidified down to pH = 5.2).

Boil 60 minutes.  I added all of the bittering hops (below) to the kettle during run-off as First Wort Hops (FWH).

12 days in primary @ 68°, 15 days in secondary, then kegged.


O.G. = 1.055
F.G. = 1.013


For an extract version, replace the Pale Malt above with 5.75 lb. Extra Lite DME and 4 oz Malto Dextrin.  Soak the grains for 30 minutes and sparge/rinse into kettle.  Use 6 HBU of bittering hops if only doing a partial boil.