Hops-in-your-face IPA #5

This recipe is the 5th version of American IPA I've brewed (I'm now up to 11 or 12). This batch won Best Of Show in Boston in 2000 against 400+ other entries. Very similar recipes have place 3rd (twice) in a couple of the MCAB competitions.

Brewer: Jeff McNally

Style: IPA

Batch Size:

Malt Bill:

10 lb Crisp Maris Otter Pale Malt
2.75 lb Weyermann Munich Dark (11L)
4 oz Crisp Crystal Malt (60L)
8 oz Crisp Wheat Malt
4 oz DWC Aromatic Malt (26L)
6 oz M&F Carapils Malt (8L)
total: 14 lb 2oz

Hop Schedule

(all are whole flower hops):
0.25 oz Columbus 15.7%AA first wort hops
1 oz Columbus 15.7%AA 60 minute boil
0.5 oz Columbus 15.7%AA 40 minute boil
2 oz EKG 4.5%AA 10 minute boil
2 oz Cascades 6.0%AA 0 minute boil (steeped)
2 oz Cascades 6.0%AA dry hop
0.25 oz Columbus 15.7%AA dry hop
total: 8 oz (approx 70 IBUs per Tinseth using 6.25 gal post-boil volume)

Additional Ingredients

1 tsp gypsum (calcium sulfate) in the mash
1.5 tsp irish moss (rehydrated) added 15 minutes before the end of the boil


Wyeast #1968 (Special London Ale, supposedly the Fuller's ESB yeast)
I pitched the entire yeast cake from the primary of a previous batch that was racked to the secondary on the day this IPA was brewed.
Wort temp at pitching: 62F


Mashed all the grains together in 20 quarts of water at 150F for 65 minutes.

Raised temp to 168F for a 15 minute mashout rest.

Sparged with 18 quarts of 170F water.

Brewed on 4/11/99, racked to secondary and added dry hops on 4/18/99 kegged on 5/10/99

Primary ferment at 63 to 66F, secondary ferment at 58F


OG = 1.065
FG = 1.013