Cossacks Shashka Baltic Porter (Competition Winner)

Brewer:Jeff Fuller

Style:Baltic Porter

Batch Size: 5 gals.

Malt Bill:

5 lbs Pilsner Malt
1 lb Biscuit malt
5 oz Carafa malt

Total: 7.3 lbs

Hop Schedule

(all are pellet hops):
0.6 oz Northern Brewer 7.5%AA first wort hops
0.25 oz Northern Brewer 7.5%AA 25 minute boil


Wyeast #1028


Mashed all the grains together in 10 quarts of water at 149F for 60 minutes.
Sparged with 15 quarts of 170F water.
Added 1.5 gallons of water to kettle to top up.
60 minute boil.
1 week in primary, 3 weeks in secondary
Primary and secondary ferment at roughly 70F


OG = 1.039
FG = 1.013


This recipe is based on some loose suggestions from Randy Mosher's book Radical Brewing.  I used Munich Malt because I couldn't get Mild Ale malt, although that would be the preferred base grain for this recipe.