Cossacks Shashka Baltic Porter (Competition Winner)

Brewer: Jeff Fuller

Style: Baltic Porter

Batch Size: 5 gals.

Malt Bill:

5 lbs Pilsner Malt
4 lbs Vienna Malt
4 lbs Munich Malt
1 lb Dark Munich
.5 lb Caramel 80
.5 lb Caramel 120
.5 lb Black Malt
.5 lb Chocolate Malt
Total: 16 lbs

Hop Schedule

(all are whole leaf hops):
2 oz Perle (5.7%) 90 minutes
.5 oz Mt Hood (5.2%) 15 minutes
.5 oz Mt Hood (5.2%) 5 minutes


Wyeast 2112 California Lager (slurry from Steam beer)



122 Protein rest (15 min.)
Thick Decoction to 153 for saccrification rest (120 minutes)
Thick Decoction to 168 for mash-out (5 minutes)
2 hour boil
Fermented in the low 60's warming up to room temperature near the end.
Bottled May 10, 2008 with 5 oz corn sugar and half pack re-hydrated S-23 lager yeast.


OG = 1.082
FG = 1.015
ABV = 8.8%


This was a split day brew (hence the long saccrification rest) as I was home alone with the kids that evening. I had horrible run-off issues and wound up being over on my volume after finally getting the wort to run-off. Even with a 2 hour boil I added 2 cups of corn sugar near the end of the boil as my hydrometer reading showed I was going to be a bit low on the OG.